Mail Order

Shipping Method
Your purchased item will be shipped using 2-3 week shipping services.

Payments Other than PayPal
If you are paying through PayPal, shipping costs will be added automatically.

If you are paying through mail order, send your payment (cash, money order or check) to PO Box 10, Kila, MT 59920.

Checks and money orders must be made payable to Liberty Defense League. Orders will not be shipped until check clears.

Your order must include shipping costs as follows.

No. of Books Costs
1-4 $5.00
5-10 $10.00
11 or more $15 for 11, plus $1.25 for each additional book

If your order contains more than 100 books, contact to arrange shipping.

*Mail shipping costs apply to U.S. shipments only. If you are mail ordering international, contact for special instructions.

Providing Incorrect Address

If you fail to provide a correct address and your failure requires a new shipment with new or additional products, you will be responsible to pay for the additional products and shipping.

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